Moving on to another subject, there are two more songs we’d like to share with you. One, I wrote for Monique, in loving memory of our kitty cat, Desiree, who passed on in November of last year. For fourteen years Desiree was such a part of our lives and our family, we felt that – when she died, a part of us died with her. So, if you have ever had a pet, or loved one, or a relationship you felt went beyond words, then you will understand this song.

Silent Love

We had a silent love
Deep and strong
And when I lost all hope
Or things went wrong
She gave me silent love
That could not be spoken
A silent bond
That can never be broken

It was a silent love
Simple and pure
And no matter what
I could be sure
Of her silent love
Somehow I knew
She would always be there
To get me through

With her silent love
True to the end
And as the years went by
I grew to depend
On that silent love
How could I have known
She’d be taken away
To leave me alone

With just this silent love
Still in my heart
And though it hurts so much
It tears me apart
In a silent way
Now she has gone
But her memory
Will forever live on
As a silent – love