Hello all,

Well, as most of you probably already know I started the amazing tour with Sir Ringo and his All Starr Band on May 27th. Things were going Great, and we were all having such a blast! Then on June 8th (much to my dismay) I tested positive for Covid. Today (the 11th) is my 4th day of isolation—5 days being required for safety’s sake. 

Tomorrow was the BIG DAY I was looking forward to returning, having missed 3 shows. But this morning my good friend Steve Lukather also tested positive. That pretty much signaled the end, making it impossible to continue. It’s so sad this is the world we now live in—but take heart, all is not lost. We’re not giving up, not by a long shot! We’ll be back, and SOON! 

The second half of this tour is scheduled in September through October, and that hasn’t changed. Dave Hart (who books the tours) will try to reschedule as many of these dates as possible in that second leg, and you can check Ringo’s website for updates and details. So hold on to those tickets, and just as I’ve always said, let’s all KEEP ON ROCKIN’!

The band sent me this really nice (miss you) video the first night I had to miss after testing positive. Here’s what I texted back,

Hi “Boys”, 

I am a bit “Down Under” from this “Overkill”, but I’m gonna “Hold The Line” and eventually “Pick Up The Pieces”. I Love you guys, one and all—stupendous Steve, wailing Warren, colossal Colin, happening Hamish, grooving Gregg, and Rocking Ringo. 

Thanks for your concern and caring well wishes, you touched my heart! I missed you all and was flowing positive energy your way. I’ve never missed a gig through, flu, laryngitis, broken bones, an appendectomy—and I wouldn’t have missed tonight were it not for the danger to my friends. Making infectious music is cool, but this kind of infectious is just a drag. I’ll be thinking of you every night, and like Rocky Raccoon “I’ll be better, Doc, as soon as I am able”.

So, that’s the story—up to this point. Only time will tell how the rest of it may unfold. There’s no denying we now live in a different world than that which existed before Covid. But what that world turns out to be depends on us—the choices we make, the attitudes we hold, the sound judgment we choose to exercise or ignore; the new less pleasant reality we either accept and embrace, or refuse to see and attempt to escape by pretending things are still just the same.

If we hadn’t all been vaccinated, boosted, and taken all the appropriate precautionary measures, many of us might now be extremely sick or even have lost our lives. Thankfully, Luke and I will experience only minor symptoms, a few days of isolation, and soon be back to normal. True enough the new normal—but the point is, we’ll be back. 

We will soon get to see and play for you all once again. Ringo Loves putting the band together, and getting out there to play. Now (more than ever) it means so much being able to do what we most Love, and seeing you all out there Rockin’ and having a great time. So GET READY TO ROCK ‘N’ ROLL!

             Peace and Love,

                     Edgar & Monique 

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