Jazzin' The Blues

Liner Notes

Way back in the early days of Winter (before the storm), when asked about my music, my answer was always short and simple. “I’ll let my music speak for itself.” But in this case, I think a few words of explanation may be in order.

I started playing music for one reason only. It wasn’t to become famous, to get girls, or to make money. It was for LOVE: the pure love of music! Things have worked out quite well. I did get somewhat famous (which actually turned out to be rather fun), I got ONE GIRL (my wife Monique who is absolutely perfect), and I have made money (enough to enjoy life but not too much to worry about). The years have brought many unexpected twists and turns, but ONE thing in my life has never changed. I still LOVE music with the same intensity and passion it has always held for me!

When I say I love music I mean ALL KINDS of music. This is clearly evidenced by the multiplicity of styles and influences intermingled in the music I’ve made over the years – much to the dismay and confusion of those who try to catagorize what I do (and equally as much to my own satisfactiotion and sly amusement).

I can’t say that this effect has been entirely unintentional, since part of what I’ve tried to do throughout my career is to broaden musical tastes by shaking people lose from some of their strict musical preferences and prejudices in the hope that this might allow them to more fully experience and enjoy EVERYTHING that’s out there. (The Beatles were wonderful in this regard and therefore top my list as the undeniabe all-time heros of Pop music.)

Nevertheless, having said all this, Jazz has always been my first love; and yet, I’ve still never done an all-out Jazz project. Why? – I don’t know. So, I’ve decided to do one and here it is. THIS IS IT! For all you musicheads out there who prefer my more eclectic adventures into the unknown, HERE WE GO! And for any of you I’ve ever given cause to pose or ponder the musical question, who is Edgar Winter? HERE’S THE ANSWER! I believe Jazz and Blues are the two uniquely American art forms that will stand and endure as truly great contributions to the world of music.

To me, Blues is like the old great grand-daddy with that world of wisdom and experience who’s seen and done it all; while Jazz is like the rebelious kid who’s learned a few new tricks of his own, and thinks he can show the old man a thing or two.

Another analogy might be the Tree of Music with Blues as the roots, (the foundation), digging deep and drawing on the primitive essence and energy of the Earth itself; while Jazz, bebop, rock, and fusion would be like the branches and leaves (grounded, fed, and nourished by the roots), but reaching for the sky and beyond to the limits of the imagination: breathing in the air of life, drinking in the universal light of the sun, and seeking through the struggle of survival to discover the nature of existence and the source of it’s origin.

Jazz evolved and was literally born from the Blues. They are both spontaneous art forms, being based more on individual creativity than composition; and for me they are inseperable. If there is one common thread that runs through ALL my music, it is the Blues. This is true not only of MY music but of ALL the current contemporary music of our day.

It was this idea that inspired me to record my last CD “Winter Blues”, which I must touch on briefly here in order to properly explain “Jazzin’ The Blues”.

The concept of “Winter Blues”, instead of the usual collection of traditional blues songs, was rather to include examples of the ever increasing variety of styles and forms that have evolved and developed within the blues itself; and in this way, to demonstrate the profound influence and empact that Blues continues to exert over the entire spectrum of the music scene today. It explores the interrelationships between the Blues and other contemporary styles: such as R&B, gospel, soul, jazz, rock pop, and country.

“Jazzin’ The Blues” is the next step in a logical progression, and I think of it as a sequel since it takes the same working concept and extends it into the relm of Jazz; tracing it’s roots back to the 12 bar blues and continuing through swing, bebop, funk, and fusion. I play my usual array of instruments: various synth keyboards, pianos, organs, basses, and my main instrument (alto sax, with occasional tenor). I also sing, so I wanted to strike a happy balance between the extended solos for the real jazz fans, and the vocals, to hold the interest of the more general listeners.

The lyrics are essential, and so are included. These are real songs with a very definite message, character, personality, and viewpoint all their own. They are also liberally suffused with my own (sometimes subtle – sometimes bizarre) sense of humor. I had lots of fun with them and I think they’ll get a few laughs (they actually tell the whole story in themselves so be sure to check them out).

There is a cool guest list (as there was on “Winter Blues”) which up to now includes Steve Lukather, Robben Ford, and Hiram Bullock (guitars); Will Lee (bass), Gregg Bissonette (drums), and Lee Thornburg (trumpet).

It was truly wonderful and heartwarming to find all these great musicians so interested and even excited to be a part of this project and I thank them all deeply from the bottom or my heart. I would also like to take the opportunity here to offer my humble thanks and pay tribute to the musical heros who have inspired and shaped my own music, and whose influences are most evident in this work: Mose Allison, Jimmy Smith, Ray Charles, and Cannonball Adderley (maybe I should have asked Mose to play).

There’s one more thing I’ll mention before closing. I have also begun and am concurrently working on yet another project which will form the third and final part of what might be considered a “Musical Trilogy” I’m going to call the next one “Rockin’ The Blues”, and it’s going to be HEAVY! I hear stratospheric screaming vocals, incendiary guitars, Body-slaming drums, earthshaking mega-bass (with reinforced sub-sonic synth bottom), and an insane asylum of mad scientist synthesizers and keyboards.

Please pardon my digression; if I’ve strayed to far from the subject at hand, I apologize. But, I didn’t even realize I was doing a Trilogy until I started writing this (cool idea), and I just had to tell SOMEBODY! It seems like an interesting concept that could be both intertaining and educational as well. The cronology of Blues-Jazz-Rock is not only of historical significance, but also happens to parallel my own musical
development (kinda neat).

Well, I guess that’s about it for now; but the best is always yet to come! I usually close with “Keep On Rockin'”, but since in this case that doesn’t seem quite apropos, I’ll just say keep on – “Jazzin’ The Blues”

Edgar Winter


Jazzin’ The Blues Credits

My heartfelt thanks and deepest appreciation to everyone who helped me make this recording. Wheather you call it Jazz, Blues, or just Music, it was a joy to do something just for FUN! You guys made it happen.

Thank you all for your inspirational playing!


Jazzin’ The Blues

Edgar Winter (vocal, sax, and organ)
Lee Thornburg (trumpet)
Hiram Bullock (guitar)
Chris Frazier (drums)

Free Ride
Doug Rappoport (guitar)
Edgar Winter
(vocals and all other instruments)

God Did It
Edgar Winter (vocal and organ)
Hiram Bullock (guitar)
Rick Latham (drums)

New Man
Edgar Winter (vocal and organ)
Hiram Bullock (guitar)
Rick Latham (drums)

More Than Enough
(Alien Blues)
Edgar Winter (vocal and piano)
Hiram Bullock (guitar)
Will Lee (bass)
Rick Latham (drums)

Brother Luke
Steve Lukather (guitar)
Edgar Winter (sax and keys)
Lee Thornburg (trumpet)
Tom Lilly (bass)
Greg Bissonette (drums)

Hunk O’da Funk
Edgar Winter (vacals, organ, and horns)
Steve Lukather (guitar)
Mark Meadows (bass)
Rick Latham (drums)

Big Bad Bottom
Will Lee (bass)
Edgar Winter (vocals, sax, and keys)
Lee Thornburg (trumpet)
Michael Hakes (guitar)
Chris Frazier (drums)

Here’s 2 Guitars
Robben Ford (electric guitar)
(Robben Ford appears courtesy
of Concord Records)
Michael Hakes (acoustic guitar)
Edgar Winter (keys)
Mark Meadows (bass)
Chris Frazier (drums)
Brad Dutz (percussion)

Keys To The Kingdom
Edgar Winter (all vocals and keys)
Hiram Bullock (guitar)
Will Lee (bass)
Chris Frazier (drums)

(Frankie Swings)
Hiram Bullock (guitar)
Greg Bissonette (drums)
Edgar Winter (everything else)

Produced by Edgar Winter

Engineered by Lary Goetz
And Recorded at The Lair
(except Hunk O’da Funk
by Roy Cicala at Studio 56
and Free Ride by Edgar Winter at home)

Mixed by Lary Goetz at The Lair

Mixed by Tim Le Blanc
at Woodland Hills
Hunk O’da Funk, Brother Luke,
Here’s 2 Guiters, and Free Ride

Cover Photo by Jeff Baker
(Golden Era Productions)
Executive Producer: Jake Hooker

Special Thanks Go To:

Barry Menes
West LA Music
Tom Belotti of Leblanc
and Yanagisawa Sennheiser
My Band:
Chris Frazier
Mark Meadows
Doug Rappoport
And Crew:
Dave Lopez
Will Taylor


(verse 1)

Cool groovy jazz cats
And country western buckaroos
Classical conductors
And rock ‘n’ rollers watch your cues

Let the trends keep on passin’, what I do’s
A thing called jazzin’ the blues

(verse 2)

I hear some fusion
Makes me wonder what to fuse
Afro, Cuban, Asian
Color comes in many hues

But whatever style’s in fashion, I’ll never lose
A passion for jazzin’ the blues

(verse 3)

Disco to hip-hop
There are many avenues
Pop rock to bebop
Why should I be forced to choose

Ain’t no fortune I’m amassin’, all I’m askin’ you’s
To let me keep on jazzin’ the blues

(verse 4)

Retro to techno
Is one example you can use
Where a sample is ample
To turn the oldies into news

But through all the razzmatazzin’, and ballyhoos
I’m gon’a keep on jazzin’ the blues

(verse 5)

No explanation
I’ve got nothin’ to excuse
Without invitation
Music writes it’s own reviews

I might be my own assassin, but win or lose
I’m gon’a keep on jazzin’ the blues


I can take the harassin’, cheers or boos
I’m gon’a keep on jazzin’ the blues
There is nothin’ surpassin’, my music muse
That keeps me jazzin’ the blues
Jazzin’ the blues, Yeah

(verse 1)

They say God made the Earth in six days
He said, it looks good so it all stays
The seventh day He took a rest
I’m not so sure that was for the best
If God did it, I can’t take credit
If God did it, just forget it
If God did it, it’s not my fault
It’s up to him to call a halt

(verse 2)

Adam and Eve had the garden of Eden
And everything they would ever be needin’
He put the fruit on the tree of knowledge
To get smart now, boy, you have to go to college
If God did it, to teach us a lesson
If God did it, it must be a blessin’
Adam slipped, and man fell
So now we all can – go to Hell

(verse 3)

God looked down and saw a world of sin
He said, I’ll wash it clean and start again
He told old Noah, it’s a big pain
You better get ready for a little rain
If God did it, I guess it was needed
If God did it, his warning was heeded
He said, here’s the plan; so Noah, hark
You’re the man; go build that Ark

(verse 4)

We’ve got God’s word; It’s in the Bible
If it’s not all true, we can sue for libel
It’s totally awesome and simply devine
My favorite miracle is water to wine

If God did it, it must be holy
If God dit it, for amusement solely
I believe every word He spoke
I just hope He can take a joke
(Ha-hah, come on, God)

(verse 5)

I hope I don’t sound like a blasphemer
May God forgive me, ‘cause He’s the redeemer
He sent His only Son to be our Savior
But just to be sure I’m gonna watch my behavior

If God did it, it’s His decision
If God did it, well, it’s His religion
I love God, and I’m a true believer
But sometimes He seems like an overachiever

(verse 6)

The prophesyin’ in Revelation
There’s no denyin’, will be a sensation
The war of wars to close the show
With God and the Devil goin’ toe to toe

If God did it, it’s His intention
If God did it, he goes on to mention
Some helpful hints and a few tips
On how to survive the Apocalypse


If God did it, there’s no intervention
If God did it, it’s beyond comprehension
If God did it, the way things are headin’
It’s startin’ to look like Armegeddon

I’m on my knees, and I pray
Lord have mercy on judgement day

I’m not worthy, and I know it’s a sin
So I surrender, Go-o-o-o-o-d, You win

(verse 1)

I woke up this mornin’ and opened up an eye
With a cool kind’a buzz-on feelin’ sorta high
I jumped out’a bed like a son of a gun
Then it clicked in my head it was 2 0 0 1

(chorus 1)

I’m tellin’ you, man
It’s really true, man
I feel like a new man
(Yes I do)
I’m gonna make a new plan
With a new point of view, man
I’m feelin’ like a new man
(Yes I am)

(verse 2)

(Whew-ew-ewh, I mean feelin’ alright)

Now I wrote this song while I was in the shower
I had a dozen more in a matter of an hour
Think what I could’ve done in the time it took
I feel so good I might even write a book

(chorus 2)

Tellin’ you, man
I’m not through, man
Now I’m a new man
(Yes I am)
My life has a new span
With a new point of view, man
Feelin’ like a new man
(Yes I am)


New man
Thinkin’ like a new man
Actin’ like a new man
Feelin’ like a new man
(Yes I am, Yeah)
(Look out)

(How ’bout a little new organ for you all right now)

(verse 3)

(Whoo-oo-ee, let me tell yall, I sure feel good)

Now, I could figure out how to conquer outer space
Stop global warming and save the human race
Balance up the budget and get us out of debt
Have it all down pat without workin’ up a sweat

(chorus 3)

Tellin’ you, man
It’s the least I can do, man
Now that I’m a new man
(That’s what I am, Yea-hu-huh)
An’ you can do it too, man
Have a new point of view, man
And you can be a new man
(Yes you can)

(verse 4)

(Now wait just a minute
There’s one more thing I want’a say before I go)

Why don’t we stop this fightin’ and try a little peace
It’s a big waste of time don’t you think it ought’a cease
We could talk to each other and try to get along
If we help one another how can we go wrong

(chorus 4)

I’m tellin’ you, man
That a new point of view can
Be the birth of a new man
(Yes it can)
Now if you wonder who can
The answer is you, man
You can be a new man
(Yes you can)
So If you’re feelin’ blue, man
Just find a dream to persue, man
And you can be a new man
(Don’t you know you can)


You can be a new man
Acting like a new man
Livin’ like a new man
Feelin’ like a new man
I want’a tell you that you can
Be a new man

The Alien Blues

(verse 1)

The pessimist says,” Things are as bad as they can get.
That’s just the nature of the universe.”
Then the optimist says,” Oh no, now don’t you fret;
I’m sure that things can get much worse! “

‘Cause there’s more than enough
Life is full of sufferin’ stuff
There’re many philosophic views
But there’s one thing I have found
There’s more than enough blues to go around

(verse 2)

Every livin’ creature has a right to sing the blues
‘Cause it’s a problem just to be alive
So whatever shape you’re in, or the color of your skin
Just remember when those aliens arrive

We’ve got more than enough
Sufferin’s universal stuff
So on your planetary cruise
To whatever world you’re bound
There’ll be more than enough blues
To go around


So my brothers in the sky
Don’t just hover over town
We want to see you eye to eye
Come discover what you’ve found
Don’t be sad and don’t you cry
‘Cause when your UFOs touch down
There’ll be more than enough blues
To go around

(break down)

It was God who went and did it
So we know it must be fair
If it’s this way here on Earth
Then it must be everywhere
So come on down and meet us
We could use a little scare
And there’s more than enough blues
For us to share


Yeah, we’ve got more than enough of these blues
More than this blue planet can excuse
Now we’re the badest ever found
So come and dig our funky sound
We’ve got more than enough blues to go around
To go around

So come on down
Um-hum, Yea-ea-ea-ea-ea-eah
We’ve got more than enough blues
To go around

(verse 1)

Call me white trash
But that don’t make me no punk
I’ll drink a 6-pack
But that don’t make me no drunk
You can have my piece of the rock
All I want is a hunk of the funk

(verse 2)

I believe in God
But that don’t make me no monk
Life is like Eve’s apple
Everybody wants a chunk
You can talk about good and evil
All I want is a hunk of the funk


Hunk of the funk (hunk o’da funk)
Hunk of the funk (hunk o’da funk)
Hunk of the funk (hunk o’da funk)
Hunk of the funk (hunk o’da funk)

(verse 3)

I used to get so high
Smokin’ weed until I stunk
I tried every kind of drug
All the way from acid down to junk
But just one thing got me off
Good God gone and gave me a hunk of the funk

(break down)

Let’s go all night
Come on
Don’t do me wrong


Hoooh Lord
Come on and save me
Good God
Come along and gave me
A hunk of the funk
(hunk o’ da funk)
Hunk of the funk
(hunk o’ da funk)

(verse 1)

Checkin’ out all the cats in the band
Groovy piano, dig that left hand
The drummer boy he can really swing
But when the bass starts pumpin’, man,
That’s my thing

(chorus 1)

I like big bad bottom
Shakin’ the place
I mean big bad bottom
Yeah, right in my face
Give me that big bad bottom
I just love how it lays
All’a that big bad bottom
That the bass man plays

(verse 2)

Listen to that tenor wail
He knows the story, tellin’ his tale
And when the alto starts to soar
Don’t stop now, man,
I gat’a hear more

(chorus 2)

O’that big bad bottom
Shakin’ the walls
I mean big bad bottom
Yeah, talk about balls
Give me that big bad bottom
Gettin’ way down low
Feel that big bad bottom
Go bass man, go

(verse 3)

Listen to that trumpet scream
So hot you can feel the steam
Flyin’ up to the stratosphere
While the bass man’s layin’ it
Right down here

(chorus 3)

With that big bad bottom
Shakin’ the joint
I mean big bad bottom
Makin’ the point
Give me that big bad bottom
Hittin’ the groove
Dig that big bad bottom
You can’t help but move


With that big bad bottom
Shakin’ the floor
I mean big bad bottom
Yeah, I got’a have more
When you feel that big bad bottom
Ya’ got’a go with the flow
I dig that big bad bottom
Go bass man, go

(verse 1)

Some look for fortune, fame and success
They long for contentment, and real happiness
Some speak for peace, while others will fight
And everybody ererybody’s sure, so sure they’re right


But if you’re searchin’ for the Keys to the Kingdom
Everything you’re dreamin’ of
If you’re askin’ for the Keys to the Kingdom
But nothin seems to be enough
Let me tell you ’bout the Keys to the Kingdom
Lifting us to heaven above
Let me tell you ’bout the Keys to the Kingdom
The power and the glory

(verse 2)

Some seek for knowledge, who claim to be wise
And may attain wisdom, in other men’s eyes
But the mind is a prison, with thought it’s disguise
And release is the freedom, once you realize


The answers are the Keys to the Kingdom
Everything you’re dreamin’ of
If you’re askin’ for the Keys to the Kingdom
But nothin seems to be enough
Let me tell you ’bout the Keys to the Kingdom
Lifting us to heaven above
Let me tell you ’bout the Keys to the Kingdom
The power and the glory

(verse 3)

There are some who will learn what teachers can teach
And thoes who believe what preachers may preach
One may demand, while others beseech
But just put out your hand, and dare to reach


And you will find the Keys to the Kingdom
Everything you’re dreamin’ of
If you’re hoping for the Keys to the Kingdom
But nothin’s ever quite enough
Have you heard about the Keys to the Kingdom
Lifting us to heaven above
I’m talkin ’bout the Keys to the Kingdom
The power and the glory

(break down)

Keys to the kingdom
The power and the glory