Love is Everywhere

Happy Valentines Day
From The Winters
Edgar, Monique, and Mimi

There are as many kinds of Love as there are people on this planet. There is brotherly love, the nurturing love of a mother, the wisdom and guidance of a father. All this is the special love of family that shapes our lives from the moment we are born.

Then, there is the love and closeness of dear friends: those we learn from in life–whether they band together to play music, to undertake other enterprises, to share common interests, or simply to help one another. We all make this world what it is. This is the love of humanity.

There is the love of everything that lives, and breathes, and grows. The unconditional love of our pets is one example that enriches our lives and shows us the true meaning of love. There is our appreciation of nature: the birds, butterflies, and flowers that touch our hearts. There is the realization that this is one, living planet, of which we are all a part, and which is so much a part of us. We are all interconnected, and this planet is in our care. This is the love of life.

There is our love and awe of the universe in all its vastness: the eternal dance of the stars and planets. This is the passion to understand who we are, and how we came to be. This is the wonder of creation: of infinity, the never-ending, the all encompassing. This is universal love.

And beyond all, there is the love of the spirit. Underlying everything that exists, there is a power: intelligence. There is order within chaos. There is understanding. This is the love of God. It involves the recognition of ourselves as spiritual beings with the rare ability to see the universe in this unique context. This is our gift. We all experience this interconnection. We call it spiritual love.

Finally, there is the simplest love of all: your own love. This can be the love you have for yourself (as in your own self-esteem), or the love you have for some one else you respect and admire. But in either case, LOVE COMES FROM WITHIN! It is self-generated. You create it, and this personal love and admiration is the greatest power on earth. It has inspired great art, music, poetry, and literature throughout the ages. It is what we mean by the saying Love makes the world go ‘round.

So, this is our message for Valentines Day. Each and every one is a Valentine. We all have love to give, and it is this opening of the heart that allows us to receive love in return. You all have shown us love, and we want to thank you for opening your hearts and letting us come into your lives. Who ever you are, you are not alone. You are here with us, and we are there with you. We all share Love in words, music, and the experience of being human. In life–physical, spiritual, and universal–