“Brother Johnny” 

17-Tracks Featuring all-star guests

available on QUARTO VALLEY RECORDS – produced by Ross Hogarth

Q&A May 2023 with Ringo and his All Starr Band

Edgar featured in Tina Turner's (Simply) "The Best" Video


Hello to All,
When I was just a kid, this seemed like such an odd idea to me. Out with the old, and in with the new. But what’s really new about it? Time is just time. It’s an endless cycle that flows on and on. Is yesterday any older, or tomorrow any newer than it was before?
Anyway, it sounds so good and is such a great excuse to party, so why be picky! Let’s just Rock In the new year as the whole world has always done. It’s like Planet Earth’s birthday, even though nobody really has any idea when that might have been.
It’s a time to reflect on the events of the past year, and wonder what the new year may bring. What does fate hold in store? So in keeping with that theme, here is a poem I wrote that seems like appropriate food for thought.
Are we really free to choose
As we all anticipate
Our luck to win or lose
Or is it simply fate
When life seems so unfair
And random in its course
We may become aware
There is a higher force
We read in books of prophecy
An ending long foretold
And some believe that what they see
Is destined to unfold
We hope to make a difference
And believe we stand a chance
But what if future history
Is laid out in advance
A set predestination
No thought or deed could change
Would be a situation
So unthinkable and strange
A pivotal decision
We surely would expect
To change events that follow
Might have no real effect
We seem to have free will
But how is that explained
If all that must occur
Is beforehand preordained
Reality’s illusion
For all to contemplate
There is no real confusion
We each make our own fate
Monique and I join in wishing you all a happy, healthy, and heavenly hellaciously fantastic and fun new year! Peace and Love, and as always—
                     Keep On Rockin,
                    Edgar & Monique


hey, Hey, HEY Y’all
Guess what? It’s my birthday! Again? Enough Already. I’m 77, thinking about that old TV detective show “77 Sunset Strip”. I still remember the theme song.
The street that wears a fancy label
That’s glorified in song and fable.
The most exciting people pass you by
Including a private eye
But I’m mostly thinking about the great Beatles song “Birthday”.
You say it’s your birthday
Well it’s my birthday too, yeah
They say it’s your birthday
We’re gonna have a good time
I’m glad it’s your birthday
Happy birthday to you
Here’s my thought.
When your birthday’s done
One thing is still true
You’re not the only one
It’s not all about you
Then there’s my own song from “They Only Come Out At Night”.
Cause I’m the undercover man
Doing everything I can
Let me tell you who I am
I’m the Undercover Man
Anyway, doing a little detective work on the net, here’s what I was able to uncover. These are some other people who were born today. I’m sure there are more, but this is enough.
John Legend
The jazz pianist Earl “Fatha” Hines
The great blues man Freddy King
Charles Neville
(the Neville Brothers)
David Archuleta
(American Idol)
Actress singer Debbie Reynolds
(Singing In the Rain)
Jazz saxophonist Ted Nash
Denzel Washington
Maggie Smith (Downtown Abby)
Seth Myers
Gayle King
Woodrow Wilson
Monique and I feel this is the perfect time to wish all these great people a big Happy Birthday, as well as any of you cool ones out there who may share this same date of birth.
Let’s not think of it as getting older. Like fine classic wine, we’re aged to perfection.
           Peace and Love to All,
               Edgar & Monique


Hello All,
alright, Alright, ALRIGHT! It’s that magical, mystical, miraculous time of the year again. For me Christmas always brings back so many memories of the childhood innocence I felt way back then.
Long ago and far away
There was once a Christmas Day
When I believed in Santa Clause
And life was perfect just because
I remember the unbearable excitement and anticipation on Christmas Eve, being unable to sleep, my mind in a whirl of wonder. What am I going to get for Christmas?
And here’s the irony. What were the things I most longed for? Cowboy pistols like the Lone Ranger, a bow and arrow like Tonto, a sword like Zorro, a BB gun, rockets, model planes, Army gear (a knapsack, boots, walkie-talkies, compass, etc.) a Bowie knife, a bullwhip like Lash La Rue—all normal things for a kid from Texas to want, but all symbolic of discord, aggression, and violence.
And here’s the point. I was brought up in a Christian household. I believe the true spirit of Christmas should reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ. He stood for compassion and forgiveness, to Love thy enemy—the most difficult concept to grasp. He forgave even those who betrayed, persecuted, and crucified him. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
In this time of war and the rumors of war, let us strive to embrace this basic teaching on which ALL religions and spiritual modalities agree. To me—more than anything else—Christmas is simply about Peace and Love.
For me, the 70s have always represented the great era of Classic Rock. The Beatles got it right in the 60s. Now that I’m in my own 70s, that number takes on a whole new significance. These days it’s not what am I going to Get for Christmas, but rather, what do I have to Give. In that spirit, this is the best Monique and I have to offer.
               MERRY CHRISTMAS
                 HAPPY HOLIDAYS
               and Keep On Rockin’
             with PEACE and LOVE,
                   Edgar & Monique


Hello all,
Back in the late ’80s I had the great honor and pleasure of playing sax on Tina Turner’s momentous signature song “The Best”. This came about through Dan Hartman (the great singer, songwriter, and musician who played bass with me in the Edgar Winter Group in the mid ’70s.)
Dan produced most of the songs on Tina’s album “Foreign Affair”, and after playing the solo, I was subsequently invited to be in the video as well. I thought—how Cool this is going to be! What a contrast in looks. I just dug up and watched that video for the first time in years (with my wife, Monique) who was also there for both the recording and the video.
What a trip that was! We were such close friends with Dan, it brought back a flood of memories from that time. Tina was such a great artist, truly one of a kind! Her soulful earthy voice and daring dynamic performances were a great gift to the world that will be sorely missed by all. Monique and I extend our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to her family, loved ones, friends and fans.
May she rest in Peace and Love,
Edgar & Monique



Hi All,

Champ featuring Edgar Winter by Portugal. The Man.


11/15/22 Grammy Nomination Day

Hello All,
I am absolutely overwhelmed, overawed, and overjoyed to receive this nomination. The outpouring of Love, respect, and admiration for Johnny and his music is so touching and so far beyond anything I ever expected I am totally at a loss for words.
For me this is all about Love: my Love of music, a record of Love kept for our family, the past with my brother Johnny, our Mom and Dad, the deepest Love in the here and now for my wife (and inspiration) Monique, and the Love we hope to pass on to all the future fans of tomorrow’s music yet to come.
The acknowledgment, recognition, and validation from the music community and industry—after all these years—is also amazingly gratifying and unexpected. It was 50 years ago (as a young man) that I recorded the song “Frankenstein” (which was also nominated). Who ever would have thought that all these years later there would be a Classic Rock genre, and that this music would be not only remembered—but still discussed, honored, and played. I never dreamed I would ever again have music recognized and on the charts.
My deepest and most profound thanks to all the amazing artists who helped make this record; to Ross Hogarth for the great engineering, excellent mixing, and superlative production; Bruce Quarto, Mike Carden, and everyone at Quarto Valley records; Scott Ritchie and Brian Porizek for the artwork, Dave Hart and Elizabeth Freund for management and promotion, Kerry Gogan for getting the word out to help secure the nomination; my beautiful wife Monique for her ever embracing Love, faith, encouragement and support; and all our friends and fans for your continued loyalty, enthusiasm, and devotion over the years.
I am humbled, honored, and thrilled by this amazing turn of events. I know Johnny is smiling down from blue heaven—probably shouting out that infamous (Rock ‘n’ Roll)—and I hope thinking, not bad little brother.
Peace, Love, and Keep On Rockin’,
Edgar & Monique


February 2022

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our new site, the web world of Winterland! The first thing I want to say is that this is going to be an actual experience in which my wife Monique (and I myself) will be actively and personally involved. The main reason for renovating and reopening this site is that I have a new album coming out.

We are also expanding and adding both content and new features. In the BACKSTAGE area you will find not only band bios but many personal stories concerning my life, my beautiful wife Monique, and the Winter family. A new addition just added is called THE READING ROOM. Here you’ll find examples of some of my original poetry and short stories.

Writing has been a lifelong love and passion (perhaps equal to music) but one I have never shared, until now. It reveals a completely different side of me you would NEVER otherwise see. I am doing this mainly at Monique’s suggestion—so with her prompting and encouragement, we invite you to check it out.

The following is an excerpt from the liner notes I have written for the new album. I hope this will give you a deeper insight into Johnny’s life, his music, our relationship, and the making of the album itself. It should certainly deepen your understanding of the music, and heighten the experience of the musical journey it will take you on. So here goes …

I don’t make that many albums these days. They all mean a lot to me, but this one is particularly personal, and very special. So before I even get started, I feel compelled to explain my feelings, and clarify my motives and intentions here.

As most of you may know, my brother, Johnny, passed away in July of 2014. He was touring Europe and had just played the Cahors Blues Festival in France, which was destined to become his last show. He had traveled to Switzerland where his next show was scheduled, the one he would never play. He would pass away in his sleep there at the hotel in Zurich before he ever got the chance.

Let me just say that although Johnny may have departed this physical plane, his spirit, his music, and his presence will live on in my heart, always. Johnny was a true bluesman. He played music, and lived life. He came in, and went out the same way – true to the blues, and I love him for that.

Now after his passing, many people immediately started trying to convince me to do a Johnny Winter tribute album. Somehow, this just didn’t feel right to me. Then as time passed, I started to reconsider. This didn’t happen all at once. The first real change occurred on stage.

Just two weeks after his anticipated return, we were scheduled to start a tour called the Rock ‘n’ Blues Fest. Johnny and I were both playing with our respective bands, and there would have been jamming together at the end.

I was devastated, and expected the tour to be canceled, but the promoters wanted it to go on as planned with me and my band as the headliners. The first night, after playing “Frankenstein” to honor Johnny’s memory, I closed the show with “Johnny B. Goode”, “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo”, and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, dedicating the end of the set to my brother Johnny.

Playing those songs turned out to be a great source of strength and comfort to me. Everyone on the tour was so kind and supportive getting up to jam, and it became a kind of tradition. There was such an overwhelming outpouring of love and respect for Johnny, I began to realize that I had to do this for Johnny’s true, loyal, and devoted fans who wanted so much to see it happen.

The world seemed to be crying out for this, so maybe it was time to surrender to the natural flow of the universe and just let it happen. I realized a part of me deep down in my heart Did want to make this album. It was just the circumstances that never seemed quite right.

I talked it over with my wife, Monique. I trust her intuition more than my own judgment or analytical thinking, and we always make these kinds of decisions together. She was all for it and said, “I think you have to make this album, both for Johnny, for yourself, and for the world. You owe that acknowledgement to your older brother. If it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t be where you are today. There’s no need to worry about it. If it’s meant to happen, it will. Just let it be”

Here’s what finally decided the whole thing. A friend of mine said, “Wow! A Johnny Winter tribute album, what a Great idea. I know this guy you just have to talk to. His name is Bruce Quarto and he has his own label called Quarto Valley Records, but he doesn’t think or operate at all like the typical businessman.

He loves music, science, and the arts, and he has this unique personal vision of doing things he believes in to revitalize the industry, help authentic musicians, and make a real difference. I know Bruce will Love this idea. And what’s more, when he believes in something, he goes all out. He will do this the Right Way, and for the Right Reasons. Let me at least run this by him, and then you guys can talk.” I said, “sure, that can’t hurt.

Talking to Bruce was the real turning point. He’s such a character, full of boundless enthusiasm. To him, anything is possible. You can’t help but Love an attitude like that. The conversation got deep, and we talked for hours. Here’s the general gist of what he had to say.

“I was the guy sprawled out on the floor in the bean bag chair: amazed by the album covers, immersed in the liner notes, swept away by the music.” Of course I knew exactly what he was talking about, because I was that guy too. We all were once, unless you were just too young to have experienced it.

He went on, “I listened to Johnny’s music, I cranked up your “Frankenstein”, I blasted “Free Ride” in the car. There was so much great music in that era; it was magic! And there’s a whole world out there who might remember, or maybe never even heard it before. They deserve to. Let’s bring it

I’m up for that! – I said. But let’s talk about the album itself. Here’s the main question in my mind. Should this album simply be a tribute to the great legacy Johnny left the world, or rather a more personal dedication from me to my brother based on my own personal preferences, and what I think he would have wanted.

Bruce said, “I think you should just follow your heart. I want this album to be a success, but I’m not doing it for the money. In fact, I intend to donate a good part of my share to a charity set up to help disadvantaged musicians. I’m doing it because the world needs to hear this music. When I heard this, I knew Bruce was the right man.

The next person so deeply involved with this project that I most of all want to thank is Ross Hogarth. Ross started out as the engineer and mixer, but soon became a producer and co-creator. He loves Johnny’s music as much as I do, and is as familiar with it as Well. Ross, Monique and I thank you from both our hearts for all the hard work, the love and care, the thought and imagination, the artistic creativity, and all the great artists you helped bring into the project. It simply would not be the album it is, without you.

The whole story of this heartfelt musical journey is told in the liner notes for the album, of which what you’ve just read is only a small part. But just to give you a rough idea, here is a list of the songs and the amazing guest artists that played on each track. You can find it on all major platforms by >>clicking here<<.

1. Mean Town Blues
Featuring Joe Bonamassa

2. Alive And Well
Featuring Kenny Wayne Shepherd

3. Lone Star Blues
Featuring Keb’ Mo’

4. I’m Yours And I’m Hers
Featuring Billy Gibbons
and Derek Trucks

5. Johnny B. Goode
Featuring David Grissom
and Joe Walsh

6. Stranger
Featuring Michael McDonald
Joe Walsh and Ringo Starr

7. Highway 61 Revisited
Featuring Kenny Wayne Shepherd
and John McFee

8. Rock ‘n’ Roll Hoochie Koo
Featuring Steve Lukather

9. When You Got A Good Friend
Featuring Doyle Bramhall ll

10. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Featuring Phil X

11. Guess I’ll Go Away
Featuring Taylor Hawkins
and Doug Rappoport

12. Drown In My Own Tears
Featuring Edgar Winter

13. Self Destructive Blues
Featuring Joe Bonamassa

14. Memory Pain
Featuring Warren Haynes

15. Stormy Monday Blues
Featuring Robben Ford

16. Got My Mojo Workin’
Featuring Bobby Rush

17. End Of The Line
Featuring David Campbell Strings

When I look over this list, I am awestruck and humbled beyond words. Many of these incredible artists I met for the first time doing this album, but there are a few I share a long history with. My deepest and most profound thanks and gratitude to Sir Ringo Starr (The Greatest), to our longtime friend Michael McDonald for his magical voice, and to the guitar genius Joe Walsh the soaring Eagle. Donating your time and talent to support this tribute to Johnny means more than I can ever say.

In addition to all these great artists, I especially want to thank our dear friend and most amazing drummer, Gregg Bissonette, who played on every song (except one performed by the incomparable Ringo Starr).

Thank you, Gregg. The killer tracks you laid down became the soul and heartbeat of the album.

This recording has been years in the making, and I’ve given it my all. I can only tell a small part of the story here, but the album will tell you the rest. I want to thank everybody for everything: Johnny—my brother in musical inspiration; my wife Monique for her Love, encouragement, and support (without which I never would have done this); Ross Hogarth who put his whole heart and soul into it and worked as hard as I have myself; Bruce Quarto for his Love of the blues, of Johnny’s music, his faith in me as an artist, and his patience and understanding in how long it’s taken; Dave Hart for his belief in my talent, not only in management—but in friendship, while taking care of business, every day.

And my eternal gratitude to all the fantastic, amazing artists for their incredible heartfelt performances. You touched our hearts on behalf of Johnny and the Winter family.

It’s time to say goodbye for now, so here’s the last thing I want to say. When I was very young, I can still remember thinking … no matter how much time goes by, how old I get, what happens in my life, or how far I end up from home – there is one person in this world I know will always understand what I’ve been through, how I feel. And that person is my brother, Johnny.

It’s sad to say, but we drifted farther apart than I ever could have imagined back in those early days. So much has happened to both of us since then, but one thing will always remain the same … that bond, of brotherhood, of family, of music, and of Love. So in his name, I dedicate this album.
“Brother Johnny”

As we said before – the main purpose of this site is to give you a deeper look into the story behind the “Brother Johnny” album, and also to be The Place to go for the latest news on everything concerning it. There’s going to be a lot of that, which should make this a very active site—and we hope, a fun place to hang out. I’ll be around, or Sami*, (who you know from Facebook & Instagram) will be here monitoring the site, to handle all your questions and relay any messages. So drop by anytime to see what’s going on.

Now, we invite you to check out the most recent visualizers for some of the songs on the new album, “Brother Johnny”. Just click the MEDIA button, then go to the VIDEO LOUNGE, and don’t forget to KEEP ON ROCKIN’!

Peace and Love,
Edgar & Monique


The man contains multitudes. Sure, it’s something which has been said about others, but for Edgar Winter it’s literally true: His musical multitudes alone are staggering, and they are not all of who he is. As his fans know well, he’s a joyful genius, a musical wizard capable of solving any problem, and for whom limitations don’t exist, only possibilities.

A self-taught virtuoso on almost all instruments known to man, winter has long been fearless in his fusion of genres and use of brand-new technology such as the synthesizer. It’s these multitudes which have defined him, and distinguished him all along from his legendary big brother, the late great Johnny Winter.


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